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Paradise comes from the Persian word for a garden and has always meant the same thing in every culture. It is representative of ‘paradise on earth’ and is our opportunity to own a little bit of heaven – here and now.
Paradise Found Farm was founded in 2008 in Maysville, Georgia on 16 acres. In 2012, the business operations were consolidated and relocated to Duluth to provide a more manageable situation for us given the current economy and market opportunities. We are commited to using ingredients grown with natural methods and organic supplements to provide our customers with healthy, fresh, delicious herbs, vegetables and food products.

With this web site, we hope to be able to bring you not only our wonderful produce and products, but items from other nearby farms who share our philosophy and commitment to using natural methods. Each is a valued friend and supporter of our farming efforts, and it gives us a chance to bring you a wider selection of products than we are able to produce just by ourselves.

Please feel free to contact Jen or Joe Lee at pff2009@yahoo.com if you have any questions about our farm, our products or our methods. /p>

Thanks for your interest in our farm!

Joe and Jennifer Lee
Paradise Found Farm
3223 Sutton Place
Duluth GA 30096